True Devotion to Mary

by St. Louis-de-Montfort

This is a spiritual classic written by St. Louis de Montfort in the early 1700’s.  It is thought to be one of the quintessential works on Mary and after reading it, you will understand why!  It’s not a large book. The first chapter gives a primer of Mary’s importance and so is an excellent introductory resource to understanding why. The next few chapters talks about what having a Devotion to Mary means and how to differentiate between false devotion (initiated by the devil) and true Devotion. Essentially, true devotion takes you to Jesus, not distracts you from him. St. Louis de Montfort then goes into how it is better to go to Jesus through Mary.  As says paragraph 147: “She enriches our good works by adorning them with her own merits and virtues.  It is as if a poor peasant, wishing to win the friendship and favours of the king, were to go to the queen and give her an apple — his only possession – for her to offer it to the king.  The queen, accepting the peasant’s humble gift, puts it on a beautiful golden dish and present it to the king on behalf of the peasant.  The apple in itself would not be a gift worthy of a king but presented by the queen in person on a dish of gold, it becomes fit for any king.”

The next chapters discuss benefits of devoting yourself to Mary and how to do it.  The last pages are how to prepare for consecration to Our Lady. We strongly advise everyone to read this book!

Book of 336 pages, published by TAN