The Social Rights of Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ the King

The Social Rights of Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ the King, by Rev. A. Phillippe C.SS.R.

This book was written by Fr. Phillipe CssR, as a Catechism of the Social Rights of Our Lord Christ the King. Translated into English by Fr. Fahey, this work was highly recommended by Archbishop Lefebvre, as follows:

“The doctrine exposed by Fr. Philippe in his book, by way of a ‘Catechism of the Rights of Our Lord in Society’ is, without doubt, very necessary to be brought to mind in our times.

To abandon this article of our Faith, not only by liberal Catholics, but also by the hierarchy of the Church, quickly leads to apostasy and the secularisation of societies which were once Catholics.

Where Our Lord does not reign, Satan takes the Throne. To recall to mind today this fundamental doctrine is a very salutary work. We strongly encourage the diffusion of this remarkable book which is an indispensable complement to our Catholic Catechism.

Blessed are those who work without rest for the extension of the social Reign of Our Lord by the intercession of Mary, Queen.”

†Marcel Lefebvre, November 30, 1988

Note: Besides this book, we recommend two other books written by Fr. Fahey himself. The Kingship of Christ and Organised Naturalism gives a good summary of Fr. Fahey’s doctrine, but The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganisation of Society is his most complete work.