The Second Vatican Council - An Unwritten Story

By Professor Roberto de Mattei


No event of the 20th century produced a greater effect upon the Catholic Church than Vatican II, which opened on October 11, 1962. Things said and done since the council, in the name of the council and in opposition to it, have affected tremendously the lives of millions of Catholics around the world.
Professor de Mattei’s genius lies in the application of a lucid mind to thorough scholarly research and mountains of documentation. From this framework he has presented us with a story; a story of an event, a previously unwritten story that has been begging to be told for many years. This book will unfold for you the answer to the question, “what happened at the Council?”

If you appreciated the articles from Prof. de Mattei that we regularly posted in SSPX publications, for sure you will enjoy the reading of that book that gives the full story of Vatican II and help us to understand the stand of Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX about Vatican II and the reform that was made under the name of that Council.

Book of 640 pages, published by Loreto, also available as E-book