Public Sunday Mass

Schedule Update

As of March 1st, some adjustments to the Mass times and other scheduled events will take place, in consideration of the reopening.

Sunday Mass times.

On March 1st, the green ropes will be removed, and our Booking feature will be dis-activated. Seating space, nevertheless, will be kept in the basement of our church for the overflow.  Ushers will remain on duty to secure efficient use of our limited space. They deeply appreciate your cooperation.  For your information, here is also an update to the Sunday Mass times for the locations served from St. Michael's priory in Toronto.


Toronto (Etobicoke)

8AM | 10AM

Please contact us for reservations.

Orillia (New Mass Times)

8:30AM | 10:30AM | No Evening Mass

St. Catharine's

8AM | 10AM 

Please contact [email protected]

New Hamburg

Please contact [email protected] or access website here



For Confessions:

Confessions & Communion services are available everyday, but you need book an appointment using our Booking feature. Please find here more details.


Livestream Mass:

For the time being, our daily Mass will still be livestreamed (please find here schedule and link for youtube channel).