Offerings and Stipends

Dear Faithful,

Spiritual things are literally priceless.  Just as love cannot be bought, so the truth cannot be sold.  To put a price on sacraments and to sell them is a sin called simony from Simon the Magician who tried to buy ordination from the Apostles.  The sacraments are not for sale, but a voluntary offering may be made on the reception of the sacraments.  This offering is not a price for the sacrament, but a contribution to the material expenses of the apostolate and the running expenses of a church.  It is also customary (and is legislated for in Canon Law) to make an offering to the priest who offers a Mass for the particular intention of the donor.  This offering is known as a 'stipend' and rather than going to the church, is kept by the priest and used for his personal expenses such as clothing, books, almsgiving and personal travel expenses.

Below is a table of suggested offerings that will apply in the district of Canada from Ash Wednesday, February 22nd 2023.  The recommended Mass stipend offering is increasing from $20 to $25 as it is fifteen years since the last change.

May God bless you for your generosity,

Fr. David Sherry

Suggested Offering

Baptism Voluntary Donation
Confirmation Voluntary Donation for the Bishop’s Expenses and the chapel
Weddings $300 to the chapel including the Mass stipend of $100 for the priest
Funerals $300 to the chapel including the Mass stipend of $100 for the priest
Single Mass Stipend $25
Novena Mass Stipend (9 consecutive Masses for one intention) $250
Gregorian Mass Stipend (30 consecutive Masses for the repose of the soul of one person)
Visit to the sick Voluntary Donation