Donations and Sunday Collection to our Toronto church

March 30, 2020
Source: Saint Michael Priory - Toronto

Dear friends and benefactors,

Please help to keep the church alive by using electronic means to send your contribution. 

There are three options:

  1. For those who already subscribe, the PAG (preapproved giving) is certainly a good option. If you are not subscribed please download here the Authorization Form and contact the secretary [email protected] for further instructions where to mail the form.
  2. Send your weekly donations via e-transfer by contacting the secretary [email protected] who will instruct you how to proceed.
  3. Use Credit, Debit or PayPal by selecting the appropriate link below.  The same links can be used for the Sunday collections which are scheduled as follows.

    St. Joseph Bursary2nd Sunday
    Toronto New Church Project4th Sunday

Thank you so much for your donations!

May God bless you!