Donations and Sunday Collection to our Toronto church

March 30, 2020
Source: Saint Michael Priory - Toronto

Dear friends and benefactors,

Please help to keep the church alive by using electronic means to send your contribution. 

There are three options:

  1. For those who already subscribe, the PAG (preapproved giving) is certainly a good option. If you are not subscribed please download here the Authorization Form and contact the secretary [email protected] for further instructions where to mail the form.
  2. You may also send your weekly donations via e-transfer. Contact the secretary [email protected] who will instruct you how to proceed.
  3. Finally, it is always possible to send a donation to the Society of St. Pius X using our online feature. You may use Credit, Debit or PayPal. Please use this URL for direct donations to our SSPX Church in Toronto:

Thank you so much for your donations!

May God bless you!