To Know Christ Jesus

The author: F. J. Sheed was one of the best-known Catholic apologists of the 20th century. He and his wife, Masie, founded the Catholic publishing house of Sheed & Ward, which published Dorothy Day, Jacques Maritain, Christopher Dawson, and G. K Chesterton, among many others. They were also outstanding public lecturers as part of the Catholic Evidence Guild.

The book: this is a new edition of Frank Sheed’s classic work. On its own, his masterful account of the life of Christ Jesus— taking the reader far outside the realm of biography and into a wholly new kind of experience, where past is present in the depths of our interior lives—would be enough to guide one’s meditations and reflections. But Christ walks again among the pages of this book in a unique way: over 100 illustrations from the French artist James Tissot’s outstanding series on the Life of Christ have been carefully selected and chronologically placed. Sheed’s concern is not to prove something but to meet Someone. Here we meet Christ in the fullness of his divine and human natures: in his obedience, his compassion, his tears, his joy, his relation to Mary and the disciples, and in his unequalled and unsparing words that mined the depths of reality, and of real lives.

Book of 353 pages, published by Angelico Press