Frequent Confession by Dom Benedict Baur, O.S.B.

This book is a treasure of practical advice for those who wish to make more fruitful use of the sacrament. Abbot Baur recommends the formulation of a specific, practical purpose of amendment. A concrete resolution focusing on overcoming even a single sinful habit and the development of a particular virtue is more helpful for spiritual growth than an entire laundry list of faults.

Above all, frequent use of the sacrament of confession is a constant spur to our spiritual growth. It aids us in keeping an active will and firm intention to seek out the root causes of sin.

Frequent Confession is not only enjoyable spiritual reading, it is a wonderful way to renew your devotion to this great sacrament and rediscover one of the church’s most effective means for spiritual growth.

Warning from SSPX: The original German edition of Fr. Benedict Baur’s book was published in 1945, and it was followed by an English translation in 1959.  The reprint that is now available in our bookstores is from Scepter publishers, which is the publishing arm of Opus Dei.  This explains why the publisher added a long introduction, written by a layman member of Opus Dei.  Such introduction is not traditional, and thus should be skipped by our readers, thus rather go straight to the original text of Fr. Baur, starting page 39.

Fr. Dominique Boulet