Fatima, a spiritual light for our times, Volumes I, II and III

This book aims to be an answer to the request of all those who want to know more profoundly the message and the spirituality of Fatima” (Foreword).

The structure of the body is very simple - historical events and a commentary of each event. Each chapter deals with each apparition (Chapters 2-4 deals with the three apparitions of the angel and the remaining deals with that of Our Lady). Every commentary reflects sound doctrine with solid piety.
In this beautiful book of explanation on the apparition of Fatima, Fr. Karl Stehlin offers an inspiring way of renewing our reading of one of the most important events of our times. He proposes to explain the facts not only as something of the past, but one that has repercussions in the life of the Church today. (p.148). We have here solid doctrine and deep spirituality such as should be found in any literature on Our Lady.