FATIMA 1917-2017, The Message For Our Times

Interview with the author, Fr. Bertrand Labouche, SSPX

Angelus Press: There have been many books published on the “facts” of Fatima. Why did it seem useful to you to write another one?

Fr. Labouche: The answer to your question is in the title of the book: Fatima, the Message for Our Times. I did my best to tell the story of Fatima, yes, but also to show that the effective remedy for the great evils of our times lies in a generous response to Our Lady of Fatima’s requests. I also did my best to take a look at the situation one hundred years after her apparitions.

I lived in Portugal for 10 years. My contact with the families of the seers (especially Joao Marto, Francisco and Jacinta’s older brother), the facts I observed, the places I visited, and my various researches, all persuaded me to transmit these imperishable memories.

Lastly, I hope that by referring to the major works on Fatima and the major works of Mariology I will have offered readers a humble synthesis for this centenary of the Apparitions of God’s Masterpiece, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, who is also the Mother of our souls in this 21st century.

Book review, by Fr. Dominique Boulet, SSPX

Last summer, after having the privilege and honour to accompany a group of pilgrims from Toronto to Fatima, I was able to enjoy some time of rest with my family.  Searching for some simple and relaxing summertime reading, I came across the French version of Fatima 1917-2017 – The Message for our Times, written by Fr.  Bertrand Labouche, an old friend of mine.  Right away, I was intrigued by the simple, yet captivating style of that book, written by a true pastor of souls. But I need to warn the reader who may be looking for unpublished words of Sister Lucy that “may give the key to understand everything”.  The hunters of scoops may be disappointed, as there is nothing new in that book, which gives a complete summary

of what has been written before him, especially by Brother Michael of the Trinity[1].  But what makes the book of Fr. Labouche special, it is the way the author interprets the message of Fatima in view of the situation of the world that we are living now, one hundred years ago.  Things that are happening now are not the fruit of hazard, but should be rather understood in light of a message entrusted to three young shepherds one hundred years ago.  Here we are not only talking about the negative things that are deeply disturbing us, but also the positive ones: the fact that the message of Fatima is a great message of hope: hope for the final triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that may not be too far off in the future.

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[1] The whole truth about Fatima, by Brother Michael of the Trinity, 3 volumes: http://fatima.machado-family.com/