Book Selection for Lent

Joy in Suffering, by Rose Hu

This is an inspirational story of a young woman's life in communist China, that would eventually lead her to the Catholic Faith. She gives her account of Catholics suffering in a Chinese labor camp during the communists' persecutions in the 1950's. Her story of suffering was recommended by Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX, her spiritual director. Book of 288 pages, published by SSPX Korea (Asia)

Christian Mortification, by Cardinal Mercier

When we think about mortification, the first thing that may come to mind is fasting or depriving ourselves of some other external comfort. But what about interior mortification, mental and emotional self-discipline, controlling your tongue, putting others first, listening before speaking, love of obedience... the kind of modesty that shows itself in our actions and in how we conduct ourselves?  This little booklet, written by Cardinal Mercier from Belgium, will give you some useful advices. Booklet published by Nova Francia (SSPX Canada)

Suffering with Christ, by Abbot Marmion

Abbot Dom Columba Marmion was born in Dublin, in 1858, the year that our Lady appeared at Lourdes, and he died on January 30, 1923.

The substance of this book was gathered together by Dom Raymond Thibaut and originally published in 1941. The material was taken from the three great spiritual classics of Dom Marmion: Christ, the Life of the Soul, Christ in his Mysteries, and Christ, the Ideal of the Monk, all published shortly before his death.
Rarely will one find such great spiritual treasures as are contained herein, except from other masters of the spiritual life, such as St. Francis de Sales or Saint John of the Cross. Book of 256 pages, published by Loreto