Priory Bulletin

November 2017 - District Superior's Letter to Friends and Benefactors

November 01, 2017
The Correctio Filialis and Archbishop Lefebvre November 1, 2017 Dear Friends and Benefactors,

In a time of crisis,

October 30, 2017
In a time of crisis, what must we do?

Four Anniversaries

September 30, 2017
As in the lives of men, anniversaries are also celebrated in the lives of people though not all of them merit a cake with candles. This will be the case during the Month of October, where we will commemorate two happy events and two unhappy ones, all of them still carrying consequences up to our times.

September 2017 - District of Canada - Letter to Friends and Benefactors

September 07, 2017
"Parents are under a very serious obligation to ensure, according to their means, the religious and moral, physical and civil education of their children and also to watch over their temporal good.” This is the very clear teaching of Holy Mother Church in its 1917 Code of Canon Law, in canon 1113. It is a "very serious obligation", that is, an obligation "under the pain of mortal sin". Many parents forget that the first purpose of marriage is twofold: the procreation and the education of children.

Catholic Education

September 05, 2017
According to a recent survey in the US, teenagers (unbelievably) consume on average seven hours and thirty-eight minutes of entertainment per day! (Kaiser Family Foundation: “Generation M2: Media in the lives of 8-18-year olds.) This is problematic on two levels.

August 2017 - The Fourth Apparition

July 24, 2017
 Let me give a brief summary of the events surrounding the August 13-19 apparition of Our Lady at Fatima.  On August 13, the day the fourth apparition was to take place, the seers were not at Cova da Iria. 

July 2017 - The Price of Our Redemption

June 26, 2017
How much are you willing to pay for something?  If you are buying a cup of coffee, you might pay a dollar or two.  If you are buying a car, perhaps you would pay thousands or tens of thou

June 2017 - Anniversaries

June 05, 2017
In 2017, there are a number of anniversaries that we are celebrating. One is that Canada will be 150 years old.  It's also 100 years since the apparitions at Fatima.

April 2017 - The Obedience of Our Lord

May 14, 2017
He humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death   Dear faithful,