Ash Wednesday Schedule

February 28, 2022
Date Mass Time
Wed, March 2 Ash Wednesday 7:15am & 6:00pm (Etobicoke)


Ash Wednesday Location Changes

Dear faithful,

A Mass was scheduled for Ash Wednesday, 6:00pm, at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Markham, but we just learned that the Cathedral will not be available at that time.  Sorry about it, but this new situation is beyond our control.

So, it means that, on Ash Wednesday, March 2, both the 7:15am and the 6:00pm Mass will be at our Church of the Transfiguration, 11 Aldgate Avenue, Etobicoke.

Let me apologize to the nearly 100 faithful who were committed to attend Mass in Markham on that evening. In any case, the Ashes will be distributed after Mass on Sunday March 6, to those who were not able to get them on Ash Wednesday.

Fr. Boulet, Prior

Letter on the occasion of Ash Wednesday


Dear faithful,

As we are getting ready to start the time of Lent, let me address a few words of encouragement to make the best use of this Lent of 2022, for the benefit of your souls. 

How to get the full meaning of Lent as time of Penance?  Lenten Penance is not limited to acts, like giving up candies.  According to St. Thomas Aquinas, Penance is a virtue which aims at the destruction of past sin, considered as an offense against God.  To be destroyed, sin must be replaced by its opposite, which means good works.  This is done by an act of will, with the purpose of amending what was committed against God.  But then, the sinner is requested to make some kind of compensation for God's gifts that he abused, and we call it satisfaction. 

If satisfaction is made by the penitent  when he says the penance given by the priest in confession, it is good but not good enough.  As Penance is a virtue, it has to be exercised by the repetition of acts. Thus we must understand the need to "do penance" a general duty which obliges all the children of Adam and Eve. 

But now, during the time of Lent, our Holy Mother the Church is giving us some special guidelines, to fulfill the general obligation to do penance.  It is in that spirit that I am inviting you to be generous with your Lenten exercises and resolutions.  Both the situation in the world, with the threat of a major war, and the catastrophic situation in the Church are reminding us of the need to do Penance especially this year, in 2022.  Have a look here for a summary on the traditional rules for Penance.

The Forty Hours devotions, which will be held in Etobicoke on Tuesday March 1, will give you a special occasion to spend some time in company of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, exposed from 8:00am till 6:00pm, and entrust to him all your intentions.

Also, please pray for the repose the soul of Antoni Dobosz, our dedicated Mass servant, who passed away suddenly on Feb. 24.  His funeral service will be on Thursday March 3 at 11:00am.

With the assurance of my prayers, in Jesus and Mary.

Fr. Dominique Boulet, Prior