Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a world- wide apostolic organisation of Catholic men and women under the leadership of Mary, Queen of the Legion. Members of the Legion are called Legionaries. The parish unit of the Legion is the Praesidium, and a number of Praesidia form the Curia, and a grouping of these Curia forms the Concilium which governs the worldwide organisation. This army is commanded by Mary.

Any Catholic 18 years or older, wanting to develop a greater spirituality in their lives while practicing the spiritual works of mercy, can become a member.

Membership is of two kinds: Active members meet weekly (about 1 ½ hrs) with their Spiritual Director to pray, report on and to receive a work assignment. This assignment is about two hours duration and may consist of visiting at home or at the hospital the sick, the elderly or other people in need of spiritual help. In addition, Active members recite daily the Catena (prayers of the Legion)

Auxiliary members are the praying wing of the Legion of Mary. They are lay faithful who are unable to assume the duties of the active members. They recite daily the prayers of the Tessera, the Invocation and prayers of the Holy Ghost, five decades of the Rosary, the Catena and the concluding prayers.

Both Active and Auxiliary members assemble once a year around March 25th for the annual ceremony of consecration to Mary.

To find the nearest Praesidium and become a member, or to learn more about the Legion Of Mary.


Please Contact: Mr. Francis Acheampong,

President, Our Lady Of The Rosary Preasidium

 Email: [email protected]

Phone  Priory: 416-251-0499